Sometimes something like this just happens. You meet someone online and somehow it feels very natural right away. I had that some time ago with my new friend Kira, from Konfettikind, on Instagram. We appeared to have so much in common that we just had to meet. So, on a fresh and sunny Sunday in fall I went to Krefeld to meet Kira and her love in person. She is a maker herself, and handmakes small jewelry and accessories in her studio in their cosy apartment. Also, she baked the best cinnamon bread.

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A comfy home, acoustic indie in the background, tea and good food- you don’t need much more to make me your friend… While sipping my tea, I figured I might as well put an interview in as well, so here’s more about the lovely girl behind Konfettikind.

Hello! Tell us more about yourself and what you do.
I’m Kira (25) and I live in Krefeld with my boyfriend. I work as a teacher in a school for children with disabilities and do my master’s degree at the moment. Next to that I have my own little label called Konfettikind where I sell handmade accessories.

What inspired you to start Konfettikind and go make your own things?
I’ve always been a creative person and interested in all kinds of crafts. When I make things on my own I’m focused on the whole creating process. I like how an idea becomes an actual product that I made with my hands. When I bought my first sewing machine a few years ago I started to make small zip pouches which were soon quite popular among family and friends. After my mom started selling her lovely knits online I decided to give it a try and also opened a little shop on Dawanda. It soon became a wonderful hobby and a perfect compensation to my uni life.

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How do you keep yourself motivated and what do you do when you lack some inspiration to make new things?

It’s sometimes hard to keep going when it’s busy at work or uni. The shop can quickly become more like another burden when you try to make everything perfect. Due do that I rarely did anything for Konfettikind throughout the last year. But at some point, I realized that I don’t have to put any pressure on me. It’s my hobby, I primarily do it for myself because it’s fun. When I feel stuck with an idea or a design, I use Instagram and Pinterest as my main inspiration sources. I follow a lot of other makers and it helps me to see how they work and to get some feedback on my own work.

How do you hope Konfettikind will develop?
I don’t have an actual plan how it should develop. It would be nice to have this hobby for some more time and share my love for handmade stuff with others. As long as I enjoy making things for Konfettikind I will continue.

About your home, can you describe your style?

I’m not sure if I even have a real style, haha. But I’d describe it as a mixture of old and new. Our interior mainly consists of flea market and second hand finds that I combine with some basic Ikea furniture. I’m really into the clean scandi style a try to bring some of that into my home through the white walls in our apartment. It’s a good contrast to all the mixed up furniture pieces.

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What are your favourite home items?

That’s hard to say. Because we have a lot of hand-me-down stuff I could tell you a story to almost every single piece. I also do like all the small handmade accessories like pots or prints from other makers. And I absolutely love the chain of light bulbs on the curtain rail in our living room. It creates such a cozy atmosphere especially in autumn and winter.

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What are your plans for the future? Anything you really want to achieve on business or personal level?

I really want to finish my studies and stop commuting between Cologne, where I go to uni and my home in Krefeld. I can’t wait for this almost everyday 3 h journey back and forth to end. 😀 My image of a perfect life is to live and work in the same place. I want to ride my bike to get to work and do all the daily routine stuff. Next to that I’d love to have my own family some day with at least three children. I have three sisters myself and can’t imagine a small family myself. But that’s all wishful thinking by now. I don’t know how everything will develop and at the moment I enjoy my life how it is. I tend to overthink everything and make plans that don’t really work out so I try to focus more on what is now rather than what the future brings.

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If you had to choose one, which country would you like to travel to?

Uff, that’s a tricky one. My list of places where I want to go someday is long. I’ve been to Asia and Africa in the last 2 years which was an absolutely amazing experience. But I also discovered that I’m more into those rough and northern landscapes. Therefore, is Iceland on top of my wish list at the moment.

What kind of music is your favorite?

I’m a Indie girl for sure. One of my all time favorite bands is Bombay Bicycle Club. But I also like some proper Folk-Rock like Mumford and Sons or The Tallest Man On Earth. And to be honest: I listen to spotify playlists a lot lately because I can dicover some new bands from time to time.

Where can people find your products or get in touch with you?
My products are available on Dawanda and Etsy. To get an impression of what I do you can follow me on Instagram. There I share some details about where and how I work and announce when new products or sales are coming.

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