four years of love & a winter wonderland

oh my dear. What a magical weekend we have had. Today is our fourth anniversary of being together. Exactly four years ago we started our first date around this time, in our current hometown. We met about two weeks before and I was totally smitten the moment I saw him. After that day, we stayed in touch through Facebook (no we didn’t even have Tinder then yet aha) and he asked me out rather quickly. He even made the joke we should get married right away (it was 11/12/13) and I almost fell off of my chair at work when I read that message. Yup. Totally smitten.

So that night we met on the market place at 6pm, then went for some lasagna and wine and continued our date in the Magisch Maastricht aka the christmas wonderland on the main square. Ugh, so many clichés. He told me before he really didn’t know if he could still skate, as he hadn’t done it for so long, and I might had to hold his hand. But within two seconds on the ice, he casually skated backwards and circled around me. Flirting well done. And gosh, did I mention I was totally smitten? After the iceskating we went for a drink in a local bar. We talked and talked until I mentioned I should get my bus, or I would miss the last one. He said he could drive me home, so I didn’t wouldn’t have to go yet. We had some more wine and beer and talked the evening away. It was a cold, cold winter night and together we walked over a bridge to his car. I climbed up this platform and when I jumped off he gave me his hand, which I didn’t let go until we reached his old Volkswagen. We were quiet in the car, and when he stopped in front of my mother’s house I joked about what the price would be for taking me home. “A kiss?”, he answered with a cheeky look on his face. And that was it- the rest is history.

To celebrate our four years together since that night, my love arranged a surprise weekend in the Veluwe, a stunning Dutch piece of nature. We left on Friday night, diving right into a snow storm as we drove up North. We arrived at Buitenplaats Beekhuizen, where we were welcomed by strings of lights and a warm cracking fire. After a hot chocolate and a beer for my love, we went to our tiny, magical cabin. Did I mention magical?

And how lucky were we, to still have snow in the morning! Seeing the place in daylight was even more amazing, I felt myself gazing at the scene in awe and my heart raced like the one of a kid receiving all the presents in the world.  We spent the day watching the snow fall, snuggling up in the cozy bed, watching that 70’s show, going for a long winter walk, napping, taking a warm shower and having dinner near the fire. Dare I call this perfect..? Yes, yes I do.

On Sunday, it was time to check out of our lovely little temporary home. Because we (read: I) didn’t want to end our snowy weekend just yet, we drove a bit West to Amersfoort, a city I have always loved very much. Because we were a bit early for the shops to open, we sat down in the coziest place of all to have some hot drinks.

While we were sipping our lemonade and chai latte, it slowy started snowing outside. It took some time but then the small streets started to fill up with soft, light snow and some time later the whole town turned white. Well now. Did I already mention it was magical?

I already loved this man before, but now… this was the best Christmas gift of all <3. X

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