this was 2 0 1 7

I cannot believe it is that time again.

It feels like 2017 started about two or three months ago, but at the same time, so much has happened since January. Before I head out to all the things done and seen this year, this is what I found most important when walking into 2017 last year.


I do actually think I can check all things in one way or another.

Be kinder. First I’ve become more aware of who I am and who I want to be. I tried to be kind, open and overall good. Of course there still is a loooong way to go for me, but hey, I tried. Haha.
Worry less. Because I practiced a lot of mindfulness this year, I learned to worry less and how to do so. I learned that we are not made of our thoughts and that worrying has almost no use whatsoever- it doesn’t solve nor prevent bad situations. Especially in the second half of this year I felt myself getting more positive. That’s a big deal to me as I had been on the negative side for the last few years. I will stay realistic though, I’ll always keep the ‘not happy endings’ in mind as well.
Write more. The writing has gone quite well! Although I had some trouble keeping up with my diary (I haven’t done that in some time so I need to catch up a lot of days, thank god for my habit of taking a million photographs so I can remember what a did a certain day), I did start this page and I wrote a lot of postcards this year, just telling people how I felt. And writing more is also worrying less for me. Win-win.
Explore. Okay this is a bit of a global one, but gosh did we explore! As you know we went to America in the summer, where we explored. a. lot. Also I went to Copenhagen, Mallorca, Iceland and Stockholm, and together we enjoyed our snowy mini break in our own tiny country. I’ve seen a lot this year.
Listen better. Also something I’ve been working on a lot. I’m starting to know myself better and better, and one of the things I know is that I can be pretty opinionated about things other people say or do, and, without wanting to do so, I can respond too passionated or harsh. So, taking a deep breath before saying what I think can often do the trick.
Feel more & love harder. Been there. Done that. ❤

Alright. So, the photo-addict I am, here is my 2017 in photos.

The year started off very snowy (very snowy = some snow covering the ground for a few hours and disappearing fairly quickly in a blink of an eye). Oh dear the joy!


A year with old friends:



And new ones:


Also. A lot of boyfriend in front of my camera. We made it through another year yay! 



Also, sometimes me:



Plus: lots of yummy breakfasts like this one.



Kitty cuddles. I know he loves me too.



A trip to Copenhagen with my dear friend Lynn:



Trips to the coast:



A trip to Mallorca with my mama and sister (who then was pregnant with my niece for six weeks or so):



The arrival of spring:



A lot of lazy mornings with our friends dog Coco, who loves to nap as much as I do:



Parties with a lot of tea and pie:


Wildflower picking:



Sometimes we were kind of athletic (at least we tried):



The first lines of summer appeared:



Went to concerts way up high:



Went to a festival we had never been before, where we discovered the loveliest bands and enjoyed the music with our feet planted in the sea:



I turned 25 and I like this age as much as I thought I would.



A fancy 25th-birthday dinner with this one:



and a party:



Also, baby collection got out of hand. Oops.



In the category #neverforget: our beyond amazing three-week trip to the United States, Canada and Iceland. Still processing everything we’ve seen but dear god. This was something:



Only eight months with this baby this year, our fourteen year old cat Fester. We had to let him go on the first of September and my heart still feels broken because of this. I love him and miss him dearly <3.



And then the fall arrived <3. 



So did our America book.



The annual yellow sight of the big tree in our garden, which made entering the apartment feel like stepping into heaven:



Lots of fruity market days:



And then colder days arrived…


I took a short break to Stockholm on my own:



And carved my first ever pumpkin for Halloween:



I witnessed the pregnancy of my dear dear friend from very close by and captured her stunning belly:



We had a babyshower for my sister:



A lot of mirror selfies (mirrors for the win):



Cold autumn walks:



Capturing and safekeeping.



Meeting my friends little baby boy Magnus:



Watching our tree shedding off all its leaves and slowly welcoming winter.



Another selfie:



Totally in the Christmas spirit from the beginning of November. Jingle all the way:



Capturing the beautiful baby belly of my very own sister ❤



A halfie. 



An amazing surprise weekend from my love, to celebrate four years of being together. More photos right here



The official arrival of cold mornings:



Holding my own baby niece Winter for the very very first time. Completely in love with this moment <3. 



Getting ready for Christmas for real:



Getting the same ‘tattoo’ as my love, from my love:



Awing over the moosh that is my niece’s tiny face. Cheeks! ❤



Being so proud of my sister. 



Writing about how this year has been. 


Looking at all this pictures, I think I can draw the conclusion that it has been an amazing year as expected. It has been wild, hard, confronting, adventurous, full of mind/heart conflicts, sentimental, nostalgic, melancholic at times, but above all loving and full of growth.

For next year I wish to become more tolerant. More patient with others, more accepting of how things are, more enjoying the things that are and less worrying about things that could be. I want to take it slow, give myself and others time and room to grow more and to be aware of all the amazing things that have come and will come our way.

Happy 2018, lovelies ❤


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