the black forest

last week, my love and I escaped the country and the busy city life for a few days and headed out to the south of Germany, to a small town named Todtmoos to be exact. It was so lovely! I have been a lover of winter for as long as I can remember. Rain, snow, cold, freezing temperatures, knitted sweaters, the white covered mountains and pine trees… it’s magical. So you can figure I was pretty excited to go on our trip. After five hours of driving, we arrived in the Schwarzwald, where we drove into the mountains and the snowy trees weren’t far ahead.

As you can imagine, the mountain roads aren’t exactly straightforward. They bend and bend in all directions. Too bad for me, as someone who struggles quite a lot with car sickness… Luckily I survived and we quickly arrived at our destination: Todtmoos. Just look at the view we had from our apartment there… again simply magical.

On our first day in the black forest, we decided to take a hike first. We found a fun one that would take us over the mountains in 4,5 hours, with a pancake lunch and hot chocolate in the middle. Of course, that was a good motivation to me (haha) and we headed out ‘into the wild’.

It was a tough hike sometimes, as we climbed up the mountains, dragging ourselves forward through the snow. But as soon as we arrived on top, the view was amazing and mindblowing. It totally took my breath away. Especially the long misty clouds covering part of the hills was mesmerizing to watch. No one was around, so it was just us, a thick layer of crispy snow, the sound of birds flying over the small town and the silent mountains in front of us.

When we walked on, the signs for our route however stopped. We figured we would just walk on over another hill, which was pretty steep and long already. I remember having a tough time and thinking “gosh this is haaaaarddd”, but little did I know about what came ahead. Silly me. We had expected to find a place where we could eat and drink something on the top of that hill, but nothing ever came. You can imagine by that time I had had better moods. We reached another small town, that only consisted out of homes. Once again the sign said that our ‘food place’ would be reached in 1.8km. I wasn’t too happy about this, but alright then, I’d make the sacrifice for those supposedly yummy blueberry pancakes. Then, when we had walked just an easy bit further, we arrived at this deserted skiing piste. It seemed really off-route so I thought we just had to go down, where another little town was. But my love said we should go up, because the yummy pancake place would be on the top of a mountain. I’m not saying it was his fault per se… but it kind of was (hahaha). We then started climbing up the piste, and anyone who has ever been on one knows how steep they can be. I kept crawling up, but I wasn’t wearing any fancy mountain shoes (just my dr. martens, that actually did pretty good though!) so I kept sliding down again and I was really afraid I would fall backward and slide all the way down again. Every time my shoes couldn’t find a grip, I tried to save myself by putting my bare hands into the layer of snow. I’m not cold quickly, but gosh this was cold. And that was the first time I cried (out of three). I decided I would just give up and stand there, somewhere on a piste with my love a couple of feet ahead of me and the yummy pancakes never further away. I just stood there and cried and then my love motivated me just a bit more and eventually, we both reached the top of the piste. I was proud but I also wanted to hit everything that came in my way. Then we walked even further up the mountain through the woods and crossed the top of the skiing piste (deserted once again). We then just kept walking forward as we could vaguely see old footsteps in the snow, while clouds came down and covered our surroundings. At some spots, the snow as almost knee-high.

At this point, I was intensely aggravated. We had already walked for about five hours and still no sign of the damn pancakes or anything else edible (we had bananas in the backpack but apparently the need wasn’t high enough after all). We dragged ourselves forward through the thick snow, hoping we would find a warm, dry spot somewhere soon (oh right it had also been raining all day). And then, just suddenly, we saw this building that just had to be it! We quickly got there, but discovered it was just some kind of ski lift building with people living in it. Another disappointment! We then kept walking down the road and arrived at a small town, where different restaurants were located. The first one we couldn’t find, the second, the third, etc., were closed until 6pm. Oh, my god!! At this point my foot had really started to hurt, I was tired and cold and very very very cranky. My love wanted to call a taxi, but as mad as I was I didn’t want to wait and stubbornly started walking towards our town, over the main road, which was about 3km away from there. Then suddenly we recognized alongside the road, when we looked down we could see the waterfall we passed by at the beginning of our hike. From the main road, we could walk down to it and I cried again (I don’t know why). We walked the same way back, over a small wooden bridge covered in snow, where I almost fell because it was pretty slippery. Then I cried again (because I almost fell and oh the misery). And fi-na-lly. We arrived in our town after a hike of 6,5 hours in total, and decided to just grab a pizza and go to our warm apartment. With the pizza boxes in our hands, we dragged our feet the last few feet up. And once we were inside, I almost tore the sticky clothes off of my body, got in bed and stuffed the pizza in my mouth in record time. It was goooooooood.

I wanted adventure… I got adventure.

The second day was our skiing day. I didn’t touch my camera all day (which was actually refreshing) and the skiing was so much fun! Practising was hard, as we had to constantly climb up a tiny hill with the skis on our feet to go down again, but eventually, I made it down the big piste without falling. It didn’t look elegant though, haha!

On the third day, we decided to take a little road trip, as there was still a lot to see in our surroundings. We drove down to a couple of lakes (Schluchsee and Titiseeand ended up in the city Feldberg, which was very wet and sad but still had some beautiful buildings. On our way back to Todtmoos, it started snowing a lot and the roads slowly turned completely white. Oh, the excitement!

On the last day of our trip, we spent the morning just walking through the little town Todtmoos. The view was breathtaking once again and the cosiness of the village was highly enjoyable. There’s just something so homey about those houses and being surrounded by those snowy mountains, it felt like Christmas had arrived again!

On our way back home, I tried to enjoy the mountain roads to the fullest, despite my car sickness. It was stunning <3.

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